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Boost community engagement through relevant email introductions

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Connect and engage your members, without any new apps or platforms
You share a link, and members opt in
We make smart introductions by email
Members connect and engage 1:1

Not enough time to help everyone?

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Introduce the right people, faster

Need insights into your community?

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Find out what your members love

Having trouble breaking the ice?

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They connect via common interests

How Kintro works for: you | your members
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Members Opt In

They complete the quick sign up form, telling you about themselves and what they want.  

Smart 1:1 Introductions in their inbox

Easy conversation starters, so all they have to do is reply.

They’re in control!

They can pause, change their answers or opt out. Their feedback creates even better introductions.

No hassle, warm introductions
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Set Up

Ask about members' interests, jobs or hobbies - whatever you want! Tailor it to your brand.

Share the link with members

Share a link to the quick sign up form, so your members can opt in.

Let the magic happen!

Kintro makes smart introductions based on common interests, and then gives you feedback.

Quick start, no maintenance
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"Members who have taken part are now 5x more engaged in our community. The transformation we've seen is incredible!"

Noshua, Interwoven Founder

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"I love the matching, easy communication and simplicity!"

Kerry, Interwoven Member

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